About Me
About Me


This is me during a break
from my first  hair cut


My name is Shaggy my human mom found me way out in the woods all by my self I felt so alone.My eyes was in real bad shape my hair was so long and plastered to my face from dirt and my eyes was badly infected.When my mom seen me she said she knew she had to have me I looked so pitiful and scared.I seen this woman get out of her car and invite me to come to her so I ran just as fast as my little legs would carry me. when I felt her arms around me I thought I knew I was where I wanted to be.Then I went home with her she feed me some warm food I was so hungry.Then oh my I heard some water running in this big tub thing then I thought oh what in the world had I gotten myself into but when I felt my moms arms I knew I felt loved even if it did mean a bath. Then the next thing I knew she called one of her friends over which I found out was going to be Auntie Shirley then my mom got out scissors then they would take turns cutting my hair until they got all the mats and knots out.Once they got through with that they could tell I had something bad wrong with my eyes when my mom got me checked by a veterinary she found out I was a Shih Tzu and they guessed me to me around one year old. My mom would carry me around and sing to me while she rocked me I guess she thought she had a human baby and I sure wasn't going to tell her any different I have been with my mom since 1/27/91 I have had to have four surgeries since 1997 two years ago they had to have my eyes removed and my ear drums all at the same surgery the veterinary told my mom then I should be able to live at least another five years and with out pain this past March was the last time I had to have surgery I am on heart medicine now but when I went to the Veterinary in June of this year which is 2006 my mom asked her if I was in any pain she said no so my mom said well I am going to just take it a day at the time and enjoy every day I have with Shaggy I know one thing I have really enjoyed being with my mom and letting her love me and she lets me know she loves me every day and I am her precious fur baby thank you for taking the time to read my story ...Shaggy


This is before I lost my eye's and ear drum's


This the way I look now