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Hi my name is Shaggy I have been with my human mom since 1/27/1991 I was lost and had no home so my mom gave me one this site is about me and some of my little four legged family and friends I have a adopted four legged sister and a brother all of us are dogs but we just don't let our mom know that we know that but then I have three adopted four legged brothers and three adopted four legged sisters they are cats but we don't let our mom know that we know the difference I use to play with the oldest one Friskey but that was before I got so old but now my brother plays with all of them he thinks he is a cat anyway for now that is enough about me I will tell you more on my about me page my mom loves to write poetry the link to her poetry site is below thank you so much for stopping by please take time to sign my guestbook so I can visit your site also bye for now and a very sloppy kiss from me to you ...Shaggy