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My name is Rita there was three of us children by our parent's first marriage. We was raised in a small place in Florida by our grandparent's.I was real close to my daddy his parent's raised me so he was always around.When my mother remarried she married a guy that was in the navy so I just seen her once in awhile most of the time it was year's in between her visit.I realize it was awful hard for grandparent's to raise kid's so late in their life when I was growing up I was abused a lot both verbally and physically I ended up dropping out of school in the 9th grade so I got married at the age of 17 yrs. I lost one baby to Sid's at the age of 28 day's which was four days after I turned 18, then I had a daughter, and four years latter I had a son My grandmother at the age of 66 passed away in 1973 from congestive heart failure.Then in 1982 at the age of 54 my mother passed from a sudden heart attack Then after 25 year's of marriage I became one of the wives that ended up in a divorce because of one of the best friend's deal's.I soon found out thing's always get better I soon married a great person in June of 1990 we have been married 14 year's he has 1 son that I think is mine also my stepmother taught me real good on how to be a good step parent you just love them like they are yours and don't treat them different from your own.Between my husband and I we have eight grandchildren.With my husband encouragement and the grace of God I have been able to over come a lot of thing's that's came my way believe me they have had their hand's full because in Sept of 1991 I lost my granddaddy that raised me he was 83 he had a stroke.Then my daddy had cancer twice over the next year then in March of 1994 at the age of 65 my stepmother passed away. Then in August of 1994 at the age of 66 my daddy passed away from a aneurysm I thought I had more on my plate than I could handle but I have always heard that God don't put more on you than you can carry.Then in September of 1994 at the age of 48 my brother passed away from a sudden heart attack after all of that my sister and I really hung onto each other.My husband had to do nearly everything for me or tell me what I needed to do I just couldn't even think for myself. Then in April of 2004 My sister passed away at the age of 54 from some kind of infection in her lung's I am not writing this for anyone to feel sad for me the reason I am writing this is to let you know it doesn't matter how depressed you get or how hurt you are there is someone to lift you up God is always there to lift you to your feet and he send's friend's to you to help you to walk the long miles so you won't have to walk it alone.My prayer is that God Bless each one of you and your family he will keep his arm's around you. I am also going to add something at the bottom of this that my dad got me started collecting in 1973 and I have been collecting them every since then. Thanks for taking the time to read this and visiting my site

Lord grant me the serenity to
accept the things I cannot change:
the courage to change the things
I can: And the wisdom to know
the difference