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All the time on the road we rush to ride
Like we are trying to roll along with the tide

And at the end of a very long hot day
I think of all the things I did not take the time to say

So sister this I want to make real clear
To my heart you are so very dear

I know at times the waves seams to be a lot rougher
But remember that is what makes us so much tougher

And we so often think of our troubles
Not realizing that is what made our love grow double

I want you to know no one could ever take your place
It always makes me happy to see you smiling face

So since I don't always take the time to say
I am always thinking of you every day

So dear sister I thought I would write you this line
To let you know you are special and I love you all the time


Copyright Rita C Burkett

All Rights Reserved