Why Did You Leave Her

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Her mom you was suppose to be now she wonder's

how you could

leave a child in a world of abuse

Did you think just because they went church that

they was good to children

Didn't you know that they would beat her and sexual abuse her

because she was so much like

you or did you ever take the time out from your nice little world

to even wonder how she was being treated

All she knew was you would come around to see her once in

awhile but never asked her how her

life was or if she was happy or if she was

living in a sad world.

Did you ask her if she ached for you to put your arm's around her

and let her know you loved her

Now you are gone from this life and she will

never know if you

really loved her or how it would feelto have a mother's

arm's around her.

Copyright Rita C Burkett

All Rights Reserved