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At times I wonder if I told you how good of
a brother
you were to me or
just how much I needed you to share in my
joy and how
proud I was
of you
Did I ever tell you how much you helped me
when we
were growing
up sometimes I
wonder if you realized how very important
to me you
You were so dear to me at times it is still
hard for
me to deal With the fact
that you are
no longer here
Now today is your birthday I want to hug you one
time and tell you
I love you
Big brother I miss you so much
every day
I know in my heart the closeness we shared you
You were so special to me the way I knew
I was special to
Even though we told each other often that
we loved
Each other when one is gone the one left
Wishes for a chance to say I love
You and one last

  Copyright Rita C Burkett

All Rights Reserved