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We was three little children left alone you
That came from a marriage that was not
meant to be

My daddy's parent's would have to raise us they was
It didn't really matter that they was starting to
get old

I guess my mother thought since she was going
to be free
She just did not know how to make room in her new
for us three

As we grew up our mother we hardly ever seen
So we was glad that our daddy was around almost
every day.

When our mother left my little sister was just old enough
to start sitting alone on
the floor
I was the big sister I was in the middle my brother was
just turning

For our grandparents raising us three children had
to be rough
There was never much money but living like that made us so
close and to be

Sometimes life may give you a rough road
to ride
But you can over come anything with faith
and pride

Now my grandparent's,parent's and brother has all
called away
We never did learn why with us three children our mother
choose not
to stay

Parents remember if you are thinking about walking out
the door
One day your little children will grow up and want to
know why you left
and more

Rita C Burkett
 All Rights Reserved